Why do you care about EuRuKo 2013?

We’re interested in what you are hoping to get out of EuRuKo 2013, so that we - and that’s everyone else, from speakers to other attendees - can help you achieve that.

Here’s a sampling:

Daniel Lobato García:

See my blog or my personal website for more info

Michal Fojtik:

One of the core contributors to Deltacloud API project. My involvement in project include standard bug fixing and also implementing new features. I often give talks about importance of open-source solutions in cloud computing. I'm 27y old, working as a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat in Brno, Czech republic. I do a lot of Ruby programming and I contribute to many Ruby projects and libraries.


Looking for best practices, opinionated talks and some fun. Making some new acquaintances, meeting old friends.

I'd rather reduce product presentations to a bare minimum.

Konstantin Tennhard:

I am a computer scientist who specializes in developing large scale internet applications. My main scientific interest is natural language processing. In general, I'm passionate about software design, test driven development, all sorts of modern web-technology and of course Ruby.

I'm curious to exchange and share ideas on how we as developers can leverage science to build smarter applications that provide greater user experience. In this sense, I'd especially love to share my passion for natural language processing with others and discuss what we can gain from making the computer understand natural language.

Pablo Astigarraga:

Pablo Astigarraga (best known as pote) spends his time writing debatably passable code, doing software engineering at Citrusbyte and somehow tricking the world into thinking he knows what he is doing.

Passionate about open source, doing things right, having fun with cool people and using spaces instead of tabs, pote copes with a somewhat unhealthy relationship with mustaches and is always willing to discuss the evils of premature optimization over a beer.

Josh Kalderimis:

Josh loves popcorn, German food, all manor of gin and tonics, talking about himself in the third person, and shipping technical debt daily! As a core member of the Travis CI team, he is helping you save yourself from your code, or at least giving you a heads up that it's failing :)

Corey Woodcox:

Ruby and I are what some may call "going steady." We do everything together. I've spoken at the last 2 MountainWest RubyConf conferences, and the last one was awesome. Git is my secret lover. I love listening to good music, and I never go anywhere without some sort of Apple product on me.

I work for a Salt Lake City company called OC Tanner. We make awards for people who do great things.

I like to write, and I wish I had more time to do it. Skullcandy is great, and I like music loud.

I'm a novice cinematographer. I love photography too, but video is where my passion is when it comes to light.

I'm fluent in French, and I speak it to myself without realizing it. Oh, I talk to myself sometimes, too...

Nikos Diamantopoulos:

Looking for the best Ruby magic tricks!

Florian Gilcher:

Florian Gilcher is a EuRuKo regular and has been visiting and speaking on the conference since its 2007 iteration. For a similar time frame, he is involved in the Ruby community by managing a bulletin board, organizing barcamps as well as the eurucamp and JRubyConf.eu conferences. He also a started some usergroups in Berlin.

Nikos Dimitrakopoulos:
Siddharth Sharma:

Hi, this is Siddharth Sharma from Mumbai, India. I've been a rubyist since 2008 and been programming pretty much every day since 1987. I'm the author of several datamapper gems and have some modest open source contributions. It has been very interesting to be a part of this wonderful community and to learn along with it the best way of building large, complex real world applications. I do believe I have one or two learnings to contribute and I'd love the opportunity to show you how I build Ruby applications and present them to the web! Do upvote my proposal on how to "build your own web framework in half an hour".

Max Gorin:

Interested in advanced Ruby techniques, real-life case studies, live coding shows - and meeting folks.

Chris Kelly:

Like the ancient civilizations uncovered by anthropologists, the tools we use say something about who we are. Chris joyfully uses Ruby every day. He believes that flourishing is the key to happiness, servers are an anachronism, and the person that will create SkyNet has already been born. At New Relic he is a Happiness Engineer, where they let him work on things that makes someone’s day better. His stuff lives in San Francisco where he visits it from time to time. Chris tweets occasionally, speaks often, and drinks coffee in between.

Matthias Günther:

Matthias is an Open Sourcer by heart, loves giving presentations about Vim, and writes a book about Padrino.

When Günther is not working as a developer at MyHammer, he spends his free time visiting hacking events, painting small figures, running for his health, organizing ruby conferences like eurucamp 2013, and experimenting with making delicious cakes. He lives in Berlin and is blogging under wikimatze.de

Kostas Karachalios:

A coder by nature, a web developer at day and a game developer at night. Currently I work for Xing, while previously I was working with Skroutz where I have attained most of my skills.

Bill Kalligas:

Hello everyone. You want to learn who Vasileios ( or Bill for short ) Kalligas is? Well, he is a bit of a newcomer to the ruby community, but very eager to learn. He is a proud member of the almighty developers team of Pamediakopes.gr, twisting and bending any UI part he can get his hands on, based on the latest market demands and needs.

What he expects to get our of this conference? He actually just wants to participate and get as many good ideas as he can, from all the powerful minds that will attend, while sharing some personal experiences.

Alexey Vasiliev:

Software engineer at Railsware in Kiev, Ukraine. Developed such products, as: PopCornUA (android and iphone applications), MongodbLogger (logger for Rails), SmtRails (shared mustache templates for Rails), PIRO (the rocket for pivotal tracker account), Webp-ffi and many others. Creator of Open Source training manual for setting up and scaling of PostgreSQL in Russian. Leading Russian podcast about Ruby and JS - RWpod

Julian Fischer:

I'd love to talk with other Ruby people and exchange experience, find new friends and have fun.

Clemens Helm:

Clemens mustachified

I’m a passionate web application developer, Ruby enthusiast and (long|snow|wake) boarder. I love travelling, especially to warm countries, which is another reason that I’m exited about Euruko 2013. But most of all I’m looking forward to connecting with Ruby folks from all across Europe to share experiences, learn new stuff and have a good time.

I’m responsible for the web development of Codeship where we’re constantly trying to make our software development more sustainable, efficient and fun. We’ve elaborated a work flow that’s simple and lets us focus on what we really love: Coding Ruby.

Nikos Dimitrakopoulos:

One more crazy organizer around here!

Waiting to learn new ways of doing things, insights from Ruby's internals, news and advances in other ruby implementations, best practices from real world usages and obviously meet interesting people and exchange ideas and experiences from people all over the globe.

Paul Battley:

My first Euruko was in 2005, but even after using Ruby for all this time, I hope (and expect!) to come away in 2013 having learnt something new.

Mike AbiEzzi:

As a consultant working with a new client every 3-6 months, I've had my fair share of working on complex domains, and it can be ugly. I've been actively practicing domain driven design to take the ugly out of what should be a beautiful expression of a domain. With past trials, failures, and successes, I hope to share the lessons I've learned with one of the best open source communities that I enjoy so much, ruby and rails.

Aside from enjoying the art of expressing a domain in code, I mainly enjoy helping startups make those tough, strategic decisions on how and when to use technology to build their business, with the challenge of maintaining speed of delivery and quality.

Outside the context of staring at a computer screen, I retreat to nature, trail running, skiing, mountain biking, and pretty much anything else not computers.

Vassilis Rizopoulos:

One of the crazies that helps organize Euruko this year

Gautam Rege:

Gautam is the co-founder of Josh Software - one of India's premiere Ruby companies. He is also the author of "Ruby and MongoDB Web development" and is currently authoring "Using Mongoid".

For the past 6 years, all he and his company do is eat, sleep and breathe Ruby. When is not organizing Ruby events locally (RubyConf India, Pune Rails Meetup, Pune Startups ) and not coding on some project or on some open-source idea, he loves to give 'gyaan' on entrepreneurship and life, universe and everything!

He has earlier presented at Lone Star Ruby Conf, Red Dot Ruby Conf, RubyConf India and talks at a host of other meetups. He writes about his research on the Josh Software Blog and his twitter handle is @gautamrege

Sau Sheong Chang:

I'm the Director of HP Labs in Singapore. By day I manage a team of engineers and scientists who research on how people use cloud computing. By night, I am a Rubyist, a technology enthusiast and masked crusader (not really). I frequently speak at technology-related conferences around the world, mostly on Ruby and cloud computing. I have written 3 books on Ruby and the latest is 'Exploring Everyday Things with R and Ruby' published by O'Reilly Media, and I'm still wondering if I should write a fourth.

Dmitriy Zaporozhets:

Ruby dev

Ben Lovell:

Ruby Engineer for Global Dev in Windsor/London, United Kingdom.

Tom Stuart:

Tom works as a backend developer at SoundCloud, aiming every day to reduce complexity and increase flexibility in a big giant Rails codebase. He also teaches people to program as a RailsGirls coach in Berlin and wishes quite often that he were a Latin teacher instead.

Josep M. Bach:

For the past two years I've been studying compilers and virtual machines, developing some simple compilers in Ruby, programming languages on the Rubinius VM, and working on my own language-agnostic virtual machine, the Terror VM. During this time I've learned quite a few things that changed the way I think about high-level programming.

Yorick Peterse:

Ruby nerd working for Olery (http://olery.com/) with a knack for static code analysis and breaking code.

Nicolas Mérouze:

I'm Nicolas Merouze, I have 10 years of experience in making products, training & advising teams. Sometimes for my customers, sometimes for my own startups. I had success, I had failures. And I want to transmit all the knowledge I've acquired over the time.

Agis Anastasopoulos:

I would love to see talks related to:

  • MRI internals (2.0 optimizations would be sweet)
  • Concurrency
  • Something entirely new & mind-blowing

See you soon!


Alexandre de Oliveira:

I work at Stack Builders, NY, crafting applications for important clients, guiding them in the Agile world and learning over and over again what's needed for delivering exactly what they need. They're happy with me and I'm happy with them.

My passion for Ruby goes beyond my terminal screen. I try to bring it to the real world, conferences, meetups. I can express myself in such an easy way now, I can finally talk to the computer in my own terms. She's happy with me and I'm happy with her.

Rosario Robinson:

Systers Program Manager and Developer. Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community, is largest global community of technical women. Developer using Python and Rails.

Jamie van Dyke:

I've been using Ruby and Rails since 2004 on a daily basis, but I'm always excited to see how we're simplifying complex procedures and moving into new areas and not just focussing on web.

Fotos Georgiadis:

One of the guys behind the curtains that makes this year's EuRuKo a reality. Member of the organising gang.

I 'd love to see new material presented in a wide , from all kind of flavour speakers given to a diverse audience.

Too bad I run out of ideas for presentations... not that you 'd want to see me presenting! :-)

Benjamin Smith:

Benjamin Smith is a developer at Pivotal Labs. He has a strong passion for TDD, pairing, Agile and using technologies that get out of the programmer's way. When not writing code, he follows his other passions into the outdoors to rock climb, back country snowboard, kayak and surf.

Zachary Scott:

I've been a MRI committer since last Fall, and contributor to Sinatra, Shoes, and a few other projects for a few years.

This will be my time in Europe, and I'm very excited to see Greece!

Joshua Ballanco:

I only recently "crossed the pond" and am looking forward to engaging more with the European programming community. As Ruby has been my language of choice for almost 9 years now, (and seeing as how the Ruby community is one of the best communities around!) what better way than to attend EuRuKo.

Luismi Cavallé:

Luismi Cavallé works at BeBanjo. He's been putting together lines of Ruby code for fun and profit since 2006. He's an active open-source contributor and got his 15 minutes of fame a couple of years back as the author of Steak (later revealed as a scam). He's been involved with the Ruby community in Spain organising and speaking at local conferences and leading the Madrid Ruby users group. He lives now in London.

More about Luismi:

Jan Stępień:
Ariejan de Vroom:

I'm Ariejan de Vroom, software craftsman and Ruby on Rails developer. I'm not shy to use new tools and languages, but I'm a bit shy on the front-end side of things.

Christopher Bertels:

My name is Christopher Bertels. I work on languages & compilers for fun and at work. I created and work on a new general purpose programming language called Fancy in my spare time and have been using Ruby for the past 5-6 years, both professionally and for fun.


Luca Guidi:

Luca is a Passionate Programmer

Grzegorz Witek:

Runner, programmer, language freak

Hi everyone, I'm Greg. I am a professional web developer, amateur polyglot and even more amateur runner. I live in Poznań, Poland and I work for Sponsorpay, Berlin-based startup. I like playing board games. I don't like broccoli (I don't understand why they put it in every salad I buy).

Every year I try to set some goals to reach. In 2013 I decided to try speaking at conferences and contributing to open source. Let's see if I can make it :)

Panagiotis PJ Papadomitsos:

Omnilectual know-it-all, BugSense head of infrastructure and stuff, polyglot coder, fell into the Linux cauldron when young...


I test (mainly) & write (less so) software, studied physics. I like the ocean, mountain hiking & art. Languages (in alphabetical order): English, German, Ruby

As for the event: I hope to meet old and new friends, see a bit of Athens and bring hone lots of great ideas — and some greek (cretan, actually) thyme honey. :-)

Elia Schito:

I'm a long time Ruby/Rails developer, now work at Mikamai, catholic, I love my beautiful wife and wonderful children.

Never avoided a fight for injecting Ruby in a "hostile" environment ✌

At Euruku I expect to meet awesome people, my Ruby heroes (including Adam). I also think great material is coming in the presentations!

Tim Lossen:

"Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency ..... and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope."

Daniel Bovensiepen:

During daytime Daniel is building Metros all around the world and empowers Ruby in areas nobody would expect it. At night he is contributing to mruby to push it to even more areas of his daily job.

Pedro Pimentel:
Javier Ramírez:

Web developer, daydreamer and all around happy person. Founder of http://teowaki.com, a tool for making developers happier.

EuRuKo is by far my favourite Ruby conference. It's refreshing to see rubyists from all over Europe get together and celebrate Matz's creation by talking about Ruby, sharing their knowledge and having a great time. The array of speakers and the diversity of subjects never ceases to amaze me.

Pat Shaughnessy:

I write a blog about Ruby development at patshaughnessy.net, and just self-published an eBook called Ruby Under a Microscope. When I'm not at the keyboard, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids. I'm also a fluent Spanish speaker and travel frequently to Spain to visit my wife's family.

Aside from learning some new things and seeing some great presentations, my real goal at EuRuKo is to meet people. I've crossed paths with so many European Rubyists on Twitter and in other places - meeting some of them in person would be fantastic.

Jon Rowe:

Tinker. Sailor. Developer. Spy?

Ryan Stenhouse:

I'm a Ruby guy who lives in, Edinburgh. These days I pass my time freelancing though my company and solving problems for other people - but in a past life I was a teacher of english as a second language, and I'm currently trilingual.

The Ruby community and its conferences are great because it lets me get in touch with the community that's nurtured and supported me for the years I've been in the industry and gives me a great chance to give back by sharing the things I'm most passionate about - programming, linguistics, learning and how you can be better at all of these.

Giedrius Rimkus:

Great food, great atmosphere, lots of knowledge..

David Padilla:

David Padilla is CEO at Crowd Interactive, a leader Ruby on Rails consultancy based in Mexico.

He's usually trying out all the new technologies that come out everyday, and, sometimes, just knowing how to use them is not enough, so, he spends a lot of his free time reading other people's code.

Through his career, he has been devoted to promoting the Ruby on Rails community in Mexico through rails.mx and the organization of the only Ruby conference in the area: Magma Conf.

Jim Gay:

I hope I can get into some serious debate and challenging conversations about what we do and how we build our systems. I've never been to Athens and I'd love to make some new friends too.

I'm the author of Clean Ruby

Yiannis Karadimas:

I 'm a software engineer, gamer and book lover at heart. I 've been at it for quite some time, and I love it more with each passing day. Ruby is one of my latest interests along with NoSQL tech - particularly MongoDB and I love how rich and diverse its landscape has become. I 'm hoping to listen to some super cool presentations, learn as much stuff as I possibly can, and talk to people as excited about coding as me.

Nico Hagenburger:

Hates coffee, loves CoffeeScript.
Not interested in jewelry, but in Ruby.
Prefers sprites to Sprite.


These people haven’t told you what they care about yet...

Radhamés Brito Melo, Bartłomiej Kozal, Dimitris Spanos, Giacomo Tenaglia, Jaap Haagmans, Adam Beynon, Konstantin Haase, Geng Yong, Vlad Petre, Nikos Santos, Steffen Zuber, Constantine Nicolaou, Maciej Książek, Alberto Vena, Jakub Pawlowicz, Alex Leo, Simon Willmann, Diego Franciosi, George Bellos, Зуфар Каримов, Michał Taszycki, Pradeepto B., Anatol Manoila, Tero Parviainen, Dominic Cleal, gutiusha, Robert Gogolok, Buti, rilian, Guillermo Lobato García, Wilco van Duinkerken, Lucas Tolchinsky, Harm De Laat, Michael Klishin, Thomas Himbert, PapaOl, Juan Jose Vidal, Yuki Torii, Eugen Pirogoff, Satish Talim, G R, Christopher Dell, Aanand Prasad, Erich Kaderka, Theo, David Junwoo Kim, Panagiotis Xinos, bytefeeder, joshka, omid khodaverdian, Calos Chen, Andrey Syschikov, Giouli Dede, Dmitri Volocsk, mr.The, George, Renée De Voursney, Julius de Bruijn, Tomasz Szczęśniak-Szlagowski, Otávio Augusto Siste, Douwe Maan, Maciej Książek, Prasad Surase, Ralf Ibelshäuser, Sebastian Burkhard, Anna, Codeship, Masca Te-esta, LøuisЯøЯ LouisRoR, Andrew Grimm, Timon Vonk, Paul Schyska, Briehl, Mike, Francesco Canessa, George Kyrgiazos, manos.p, Not Hacker News, Konstantinos Polychronis, Marc Ryan Riginding, Andrii Krykunenko, Marc-André Lafortune, Anna Rotar, Bruno Aguirre, Iryna Makar, praveen, Heiko Krämer, Alain Richardt, Miltiadis Zeibekis, Roman Bilous, Egor Homakov, Sergey Stupachenko, Moritz Plassnig, Leandro Maríngolo, Karel Minarik, Peter Zotov, Stefano Guglielmetti, Exan Roche, Dimitris Kokmadis, Theodoros Orfanidis, Gregory Man, Τις, Stefanos Togoulidis, John Pagonis, Guillermo, MoRi, Nacho Facello, Azeddine Islam Mennouchi, Jean Mertz, Maximilian Haack, mkarklins, Emma Dorable, Atif Haider, Antreas Xatzidakis, Tejas Dinkar, Daniel Harrington, Sara Sanchez Velasco, Alexander Kuhn, Сергей Грибовский, Mykhailo Pysarsky, Γιώργος Μπατιστάτος, Knut Linke, Steffen Zuber, Kontext Ko, Patrick Douglas Ross, Ann Ts, Amaia Castro, Mahaswami Software, Christian Bäuerlein, Pavel Pavlovsky, Benedikt Deicke, Kai To Wang, James Abley, dmitri leto, Vassilis Vatikiotis, Hubert Farnsworth, Mariano Valles, Koustubh Sinkar, Alex Coles, Enrico Rubboli, Alexandros Konstantinos Amiras, Andrzej Krzywda, viddity, Will Madden, Sasada Koichi, Daniel Doubleday, Juanito Lopez Val, Katherine Sereda, Ken Mayer, DNHOST Athens, Андрій Дежнюк, Juanjo Bazán, Ruchika oberoi, Joost Saanen, Guillermo Lobato, Vitor Gouveia, Nikos Gereoudakis, , raul murciano, antonis anagnostakis, Dominic Dagradi, Kapil Tekwani, Никита Предтеченский, Gregor, Ausmarton Fernandes, Vasiliki Nikou, Jean-Denis Vauguet, Stefan Zoll, Conrad Irwin, Nguyen Ngo, Vojtěch Hýža, Michael Post, David Vicente, SARA SANCHEZ VELASCO, RC Lee, Anton Troynikov, Vasiliy Bernikov, Claudio Cicali, Larry Staton Jr., Olga Petrik, Oliver Wolf, dasven, Wakana Odagiri, Александр Чаплинский, Monica Giambitto, Giacomo Tenaglia, Sytse Sijbrandij, mashkovmax, Víctor Sánchez, Steven Weller, rpk0, sadaco, Martin Rehfeld, Boris Staal, Franzi Kies, Siddharth R, Punchy, Jaime Iniesta, Ben, Alex Coles, Tom de Bruijn, Kevin McNally, Andrew Sprinz, Christian Guimarães, Juan Peon, Michael Wagner, Luismi Cavallé, Marc G Gauthier, Siva Subrahmanyam, Jagdish Adusumalli, Ismary Cruz Alonso, ☢ Bruno Oliveira, Pere Urbon, marina petrova, Анна Ротар, Diego Rodríguez, George Koumparoulis, Vassilis Vatikiotis, Thomas Himbert, Sau Sheong, antonio lorusso, Denis Peplin, Fenec, Lucas "medk" Pinto, Volodymyr, Hugo Duksis, Michael Bumann, Oleg Shaydenko, Naoto Takai, Swanand Pagnis, Μάκης Χατζημιχάλης, Enric Lluelles, James Williams, Angel Avgerinos, Andrew Nesbitt, Markus Schwed, Benjamin Philippi, Terence Lee, Martin, Ferdinand Svehla, Alexander Weber, Agis A., Sergey Zenchenko, Christopher Liascos, Chris Kowalik, प्रथमेश, Steve Buckley, Dhanasekara Pandian T, Dirkjan Bussink, Ioannis Karachristos, Julio Greff, Ben Lee, Moritz Heiber, Alex Petrov (aka. Alex P), Matteo Borgnolo, Nodally, Nick Kugaevsky, jorge-aqp-23, Anna Rotar, Panagiotis Xinos, Eliška Hutníková, Filip Kostovski, Dou Yongwang, Kostas Ntem, Olexander Paladiy, Jano González, dinesh, bruced, moritzney, Matteo Borgnolo, Nikos Dimitrakopoulos, Sean Hogan (seagaia), mapteo, Panayotis Matsinopoulos, Jesper Richter-Reichhelm, Wojciech Wnętrzak, Tim Lossen, Tim Cowlishaw, Albert Llop, Ryan Stenhouse, Peter Dalmaris, Rima Malvankar, Alexey Gaziev, Andrey Khorolets, Daniel Lobato García, Alexey, Jonas Witt, Silvia77, Yevgen Tsvetukhin, Kakaroto goku, Harini Yerramsetty, Sebastian Sogamoso, Junior Ulises Sinche, despo, Vassilis Karampinas, DiKalcas, Daniel Schierbeck, Gerasimos Athanasopoulos, Jonas Schmidt, Harm-Jan Blok, Paul Spieker, Jacob Vosmaer, Andrea Schiavini, Wilker Lúcio, Piyush Ranjan, Asif Kalam, Daniel Leidisch, alexkom, Xavier Koloventzos, Daniel Salmerón Amselem, Matthew Conway, Nicola Racco, Tobias Feld, Peter Szinek, Pavlo Masko, Michal Papis, Abundance, Anuja Ware, roger bacardit, John Pagonis, Stefan Bauckmeier, Patrick Crowley, Andrea Franz, Hector Bustillos, Rida Al Barazi, Lucas Mazza, Artem Vitiuk, maria karoutsou, blat, Steven! 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