Hector Bustillos
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Cutting off the browser fat from your app

The pursuit of losing weight is something that people always try to achieve; the same thing happens with web apps so I'll show a plan to reduce that extra fat on the browser that we always left there. I'm gonna explain a couple of effortless rules to make your views faster from good code practice for views to write better CSS and JS, how to load them correctly and 2 or 3 tricks that I found particularly attractive. And last but not least all of this will end in a clean code structure with happy Dev team who will do any change effortless.

There's a lot of things devs may think know, but there's a lot fat to cut off.

But, Why?

Front-end is always a topic that we as engineers tends to left apart, and every day becomes more and more valuable as building a solid backend. So it is always good to talk about Front-End.

Also, I’m from Mexico and we are always cool.

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  • The proposal author responded 8 months ago

    I know it may sound like normal/common stuff like Clemens said, and maybe it is, but I'm going came with a plan to make your apps faster, optimizing your front-end not just CSS and JS, I'm talking about cleaner views, cache, the turbolinks approach on rails 4, and if the time on my side maybe more.

    This may not be the specific ruby talk, but you know I think every purist rubist needs to be aware and take care of the their front end apps.

    A lot of us are already doing it, but I'm sure that there are many people out there ignoring this matter

  • 5976001c9ebf095c4988855a4e102de5?d=retro Clemens Kofler suggested 8 months ago

    What aspects of your talk are Ruby-specific? What can we (roughly) expect that isn't already covered by tools like YSlow, PageSpeed etc. and their accompanying documentation, blog posts etc.?

  • 1bb0c9acde5c36e515da3d0da95ea748?d=retro John Pagonis suggested 8 months ago

    It sounds useful, but is there anything Ruby specific in your talk?