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Pablo Astigarraga (best known as pote) spends his time writing debatably passable code, doing software engineering at Citrusbyte and somehow tricking the world into thinking he knows what he is doing.

Passionate about open source, doing things right, having fun with cool people and using spaces instead of tabs, pote copes with a somewhat unhealthy relationship with mustaches and is always willing to discuss the evils of premature optimization over a beer.

50 Shades of MVC

We at the Rails world are very proud of embracing the Model-View-Controller design pattern, it is integral to the way we build web applications and there is a general consensus that all of us generally know what we are talking about in regards to it, hell , most of our code files are under a model, controller or views directories! We've got to know what we are doing, right?

Much like Object Orientation the Model-View-Controller pattern is one of the most popular-yet-heavily-altered concepts in modern computer science, what were the original propositions of the pattern? How was it applied back in the 70's, when it was proposed as a part of Smalltalk? How much have we changed it to adapt it to the web application scene? How can we apply this to our day to day work in 2013? is altering the original pattern necessarily a bad thing?

On this talk I present different aspects of the MVC pattern and its changes from its inception to modern day use, what to keep in mind about the pattern as opposed to a single framework's implementation of it and how knowing this should make us all around better programmers.

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  • The proposal author responded 8 months ago

    @John, I forgot to clarify:

    It won't be only rails specific, the idea is to compare different MVC implementations (including, but not limited to Rails) and think about why they are different, what is the purpose/constraints of each implementation and what can we learn from it.

  • The proposal author responded 8 months ago

    @clemens, @john.

    I agree, I've had this feedback before about this abstract.

    Adding DCI to this talk would probably be too much for me to go into deep on the topic so it's probably better to just leave it out and focus on the main MVC implementations and what we can learn from their differences subject, which was always the main thrust of the talk.

    Thanks for the feedback guys! :)

  • 5976001c9ebf095c4988855a4e102de5?d=retro Clemens Kofler suggested 8 months ago

    I agree with John in that the proposal sounds too extensive for the talk format – even if you'd extend it in favor of a shorter Q&A (which you shouldn't). As it is, the talk would probably be quite broad but relatively shallow. There are lots of blog posts out there that give broad overviews of MVC/DCI/etc. with and without a focus on Ruby and/or Rails. In my opinion, what we need is more depth and real world applications – particularly when it comes to DCI.

    Perhaps, as John suggested, it would be better to focus on one thing – whether it be the history of MVC or DCI or something else is entirely up to you, of course.

  • 1bb0c9acde5c36e515da3d0da95ea748?d=retro John Pagonis suggested 8 months ago

    Will this be a Rails specific MVC and DCI talk?

    Perhaps going from MVC -> MVP -> DCI in 30mins( +15mins for QA) is too hard and you'd rather focus on DCI a bit more?