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The Healthy Rubyist – A No-Frills Guide to Refactoring Your Lifestyle

We Rubyists are geeks: We love what we do and we're deeply passionate about it. Chances are that you, like the average computer geek, aren't half as passionate about your general lifestyle as you are about tech stuff.

Our bodies are just like our code base: Not taking good and constant care of it might not hurt you today but at some point it will certainly come back to haunt you. And while you can always throw a rotten code base away and rewrite it from scratch, the same is not true for your body: Damage done today is often permanent and physiological and psychological issues certainly aren't fun to carry around for the rest of your life.

Fortunately, it doesn't take much effort to prevent health issues in the first place. Just as in your code, the proper small changes will make a huge difference and improve the system as a whole.

In this talk you will learn about the corner stones of good health:

  • Pitfalls of common knowledge: learn about common and often contradictory myths in terms of nutrition and what actual science has to say about them
  • Knowing instead of guessing: tools and ways to determine your body's real health status and how to interpret results
  • Not all foods are created equal: how to differentiate between good and bad foods
  • Enjoying healthy food: how to arrange your meals around healthy eating patterns without (too many) sacrifices
  • The minimum viable amount of exercise: how to become and stay physically active without spending hours in the gym

Let us treat our bodies more like our code base: Let us check constantly and religiously that our systems are running as best as they can and throw out the bad stuff and bring in more good stuff. Let us care just a little bit more.

Let us refactor our lifestyle and be healthy!

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