Michal Papis
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How to use RVM: development, deployment, production

General tutorial "how to use RVM", starting simple with basics of shell usage and going into details including deployment and server configuration.

There are multiple ways to use RVM I want to tell about them not avoiding tricks that save time.

I will also try to mention most common problems and the best ways of avoiding them.

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  • The proposal author responded 8 months ago

    When you get it working it all seems simple, but many users gets confused when it comes to more advanced setups - this will show the best proofed setups.

  • 5976001c9ebf095c4988855a4e102de5?d=retro Clemens Kofler suggested 8 months ago

    What will there (roughly) be in your talk that the excellent RVM documentation doesn't cover already? Or put differently: Why should I attend this talk and not just read through the documentation – especially when it comes to server configuration which should be "perfect" anyway?