Matthias Günther
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About the author

Matthias is an Open Sourcer by heart, loves giving presentations about Vim, and writes a book about Padrino.

When Günther is not working as a developer at MyHammer, he spends his free time visiting hacking events, painting small figures, running for his health, organizing ruby conferences like eurucamp 2013, and experimenting with making delicious cakes. He lives in Berlin and is blogging under

Becoming a speaker

I was watching confreaks ( videos and asked myself: "Can I become one of those speakers?". My dream came true because I was invited to speak at Ruby Midwest 2013 in Kansas City. The basic essence of each talk is the speaker, the topic, how to act on stage, how to connect with the audience and how to tell your personal story. Learn how to become a speaker for conferences - you can do and learn this.

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