Matthias Günther
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Matthias is an Open Sourcer by heart, loves giving presentations about Vim, and writes a book about Padrino.

When Günther is not working as a developer at MyHammer, he spends his free time visiting hacking events, painting small figures, running for his health, organizing ruby conferences like eurucamp 2013, and experimenting with making delicious cakes. He lives in Berlin and is blogging under

Take care of Work-Life-Open-Source balance

You know the constraints: Day job, time for your family, urge to hack, visiting the local user group, and start a new project about the latest rocket science technology you need to learn. There is never enough time for all this stuff at once. This talk will present the time management method, called Pomodoro. Learn how to work time-boxed, get rid of distractions, focus on a single task for 25 minutes, and relax for couple of minutes to free your mind. We all love Open Source work and shouldn't fall into the pit to neglect other, more important parts in our life like the relationship to beloved ones.The Pomodoro Technique will help you to hack on your beloved babies in a time-boxed way to get more done in less time.

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