Anatol Manoila
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Node.Js and Rails 4 - building an app twice

This proposal has been withdrawn...

I'd would like to talk about the experience building a web app twice, but with these relevant techs:

  • Front-End: EmberJS as JS framework
  • Back-end Rails 4, Ruby 2.0 and Event-Machine library

The same app built using: - MeteorJS and NodeJS.

I would want to share my thought on both.

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  • D87dddeb300217e6c6574f5ffae220be?d=retro Nikos Dimitrakopoulos suggested 8 months ago

    It's a pity you withdrew this... I hope the comments didn't look offensive. As said on my previous one. it does sound interesting as a topic- it just wasn't really well developed :(

  • D87dddeb300217e6c6574f5ffae220be?d=retro Nikos Dimitrakopoulos suggested 8 months ago

    Hello there,

    the topic is really interesting to me in general but I believe your proposal needs some expansion. What exactly are you going to talk about?

    • Is it going to be a rails vs node talk?
    • Is it going to be how to use framework and language A for some parts and framework and language B for some other parts?

    Also keep in mind that not everyone in the audience is a web developer - I am :)

  • 415fe6ee69c09802ce8329e2b1a1c5e6?d=retro Vassilis Rizopoulos suggested 8 months ago

    You really need to add some detail or something that describes what you will say in 30 minutes in the talk. You namedrop 3 subjects that each can have their own conference so a single line description really does not say much