Alexey Vasiliev
Ranked 21 in Phase 2 with a weighted final score of 177

About the author

Software engineer at Railsware in Kiev, Ukraine. Developed such products, as: PopCornUA (android and iphone applications), MongodbLogger (logger for Rails), SmtRails (shared mustache templates for Rails), PIRO (the rocket for pivotal tracker account), Webp-ffi and many others. Creator of Open Source training manual for setting up and scaling of PostgreSQL in Russian. Leading Russian podcast about Ruby and JS - RWpod

Features what you might have missed about PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a feature-packed relational database that every Ruby and Rails developer should consider using. Why?

In this talk I would like to cover the most useful features in PostgreSQL and show how we can use them, like:

  • Flexible Data Types (array, ranges, JSON)
  • WITH
  • LISTEN/NOTIFY and unlogged tables
  • Window functions
  • Table Inheritance
  • Indexes (partial, functional, concurrent, GIST and GIN)
  • Foreign Data Wrappers
  • Extensions (postgis, hstore, dblink, uuid-ossp, plv8, smlar, pgcrypto)

Many of this features were added in Rails 4 and I would like to show how to use them.

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