Ariejan de Vroom
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About the author

I'm Ariejan de Vroom, software craftsman and Ruby on Rails developer. I'm not shy to use new tools and languages, but I'm a bit shy on the front-end side of things.

Rails is Not the Holy Grail

Let me start by saying: Rails is awesome. Seriously, I've been developing Rails since '06 and I still think of Rails as my primary platform for web development.

However, over the years I've noticed that Rails is often used to solve problems it was not designed to solve. Once you've become proficient with the Rails-hammer, every problem starts to look like a Rails-nail.

In this talk I want to discuss different scenarios where Rails turned out not to be the answer. I want to show you how I used plain Ruby, Java, Go and even C to create better solutions and how they were integrated into the original Rails application.

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