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I work at Stack Builders, NY, crafting applications for important clients, guiding them in the Agile world and learning over and over again what's needed for delivering exactly what they need. They're happy with me and I'm happy with them.

My passion for Ruby goes beyond my terminal screen. I try to bring it to the real world, conferences, meetups. I can express myself in such an easy way now, I can finally talk to the computer in my own terms. She's happy with me and I'm happy with her.

Forget about classes, welcome objects


This talk is a tale about a time when Object-Oriented Programming was about objects and messages, not about classes and methods, when it was about behavior, not schemas. You will understand how OO was intended to be used and what it means to say that OO is about messages.

We'll talk about the past and then go back to the future to look at our Class-Oriented Programming culture and how we can fix it by doing real OO in Ruby. By doing that, we'll start to understand why principles like SOLID and Demeter are here to help us stop losing time and money.

This talk is about making you reevaluate the way you approach OO.

p.s. Expect lots of Alan Kay quotes.

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  • The proposal author responded 8 months ago

    @vassilis if this gets accepted and I make it to the conference, let's talk. It's so easy to do OO in Prototype-based languages and I'd love to talk about it.

  • The proposal author responded 8 months ago

    @bruno that's my plan. I have some cards up my sleeve, like regarding the Law of Demeter, in which I will show why you'd be forcing yourself to lose time (and money) if you violate it (and when that doesn't hold true). I will also show why long methods go against the goals of OO.

  • The proposal author responded 8 months ago

    Thank you for updating this. I didn't mean to offend. If this is part of the code of conduct, I'll gladly respect and follow this :)

  • 2bf6a27deb550fa388da2c99c8abde12?d=retro Bruno Aguirre suggested 8 months ago

    Using PORO seems to be the right way to do it after the application starts to grow. Are you planning some real world examples on this? I'm looking forward to see it.

  • D87dddeb300217e6c6574f5ffae220be?d=retro Nikos Dimitrakopoulos suggested 8 months ago

    Title was moderated and foul language was removed.

  • 3b3bf952736e9178b464831d6675f6ac?d=retro Javier Gonel suggested 8 months ago

    Let me agree on focusing on Ruby and leaving slang aside.

    An international audience can understand things in a very different way. I believe it's better to keep it neutral.

    On the other side, linking "screw" to "attitude" looks really bad.

  • 6f6f2130bf0e0d7f0159dbe0cfb66eca?d=retro Vassilis Vatikiotis suggested 8 months ago

    @Nikos, reading your last comment and the CoC quote I can't find something offensive related to gender, sexual orientation and so on with this presentation proposal. As far as the title goes, we can be pedantic or we can be a bit laid back. Use of slang aren't necessarily offensive and looking in it up in the dictionary, 'screw' is considered 'taboo/slang' but nowhere offensive, at least in some circles.

    The presentation sounds awesome! Imo, it's high time we got back to the true essence of OO and get rid of miles long class hierarchies and Class Orientated Programming masquerading as OOP. Javascript, anyone? :)

  • D87dddeb300217e6c6574f5ffae220be?d=retro Nikos Dimitrakopoulos suggested 8 months ago

    @author and @Kostas, please read the Code of Conduct and the rules and keep in mind also for the conference:

    Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

    If it doesn't change soon we will either have to moderate it ourselves or withdraw it without further notice.

  • E1178c7bae28fff8f7c948fb7c8c6c30?d=retro Kostas Karachalios suggested 8 months ago

    @Nikos, I don't see a reason to change the presentation title. Personally, I quite like a presentation having some attitude. :-)

  • D87dddeb300217e6c6574f5ffae220be?d=retro Nikos Dimitrakopoulos suggested 8 months ago

    Would you be so kind to update the title of this proposal to use a more appropriate language? Thanks!