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Getting Started with “Style Guide Driven Development”

You are writing your web application, you create your tests first, you develop the code right after that. Later you run the tests again to ensure your code is still working as expected—or as defined. You are doing it right.

The next step is to adopt this concept for CSS (including Sass or Less). Which is very easy with only a few changes. It will:

  • Give the designer/CSS developer the chance to quickly develop without dependencies
  • Speed up your browser tests massively.
  • Help you to keep visual consistency.
  • Avoid legacy code.
  • Make the developers that hate frontend stuff happy ;)
  • Include One more thing.

Does it sound strange for CSS? I’ll show you how. And how this combines the experiences made in software development and corporate design style guides.

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  • The proposal author responded 8 months ago

    @eirc K: I can do a quick intro, but 30 min is a bit short. I would rather talk about the concepts. Moving your legacy code is important and I will try to get it in. Thanks!

  • E5d35f98f269dae186970dc4f12ebd5d?d=retro eirc K suggested 8 months ago

    Are you planning on including info on using living styleguide generators/documentors such as KSS or Kalei Style guide and the example of Github's styleguide? They are all amazing but IMO currently lack a quick and easy way to get into them. The big question however (as always) is how you move your legacy code there :)