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I've been a MRI committer since last Fall, and contributor to Sinatra, Shoes, and a few other projects for a few years.

This will be my time in Europe, and I'm very excited to see Greece!

Escaping Reality With Shoes

Are you bored of hearing about Rails, Node, or Ember? Is your day job hacking on the same Rails app getting the best of you? Maybe you're looking for a fun way to get into this programming thing.

Let's imagine for a moment, your boss just gave you the day off because you've managed to squash the remaining bugs and shipped some invaluable features. With all of this free time there's so many options, what do you dooo? I know! You can build a game and experiment with some new code in the Magical Land of Shoes.

Why once said, "if you program and want any longevity to your work, make a game. all else recycles, but people rewrite architectures to keep games alive."

It's important to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! This talk will give you a whirlwind tour and cover the essentials that Shoes has to offer.

Together we can build a fun little game you can share with your friends, and inspire you to venture to places you're unaccustomed to.

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