Michal Papis
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RVM 2.0 A Ruby Environment Manager in Ruby

RVM2 is coming, with it's new implementation in Ruby it will be a big step for whole ruby community, bringing ruby version and environment management to a new level, in any meaning experience, development and maintenance included.

In the talk I want to introduce RVM2, make a short look on how it is possible that RVM2 is written in ruby. I want to introduce attendees to the simplicity of the code and show them how easy it is to understand RVM2 code and to customize it to your own needs.

Although code examples might be present, overall it should be more a look on it and lot more talking then technical details, no live codding.

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  • The proposal author responded 8 months ago

    @rilian that would be part of http://cfp.euruko2013.org/proposals/37

  • 8495227402a81e6adb37d0992edb75d4?d=retro rilian suggested 8 months ago

    Would be nice to hear practical advices of pros and cons of * using binary rubies * how to smoothly migrate and rollback to new Ruby versions * what is the latest best practice of using .rvmrc VS .ruby-version, .ruby-gemset and how you manage them (in repo?) across the team working on multiple projects

  • The proposal author responded 8 months ago

    RVM2 will emulate the RVM1 interface so the usage should be the same, this is intended to show more internal details, if you like a talk on using RVM in different situations like development, production, deployment - I could propose a separate proposal for it.

  • 1bb0c9acde5c36e515da3d0da95ea748?d=retro John Pagonis suggested 8 months ago

    So is this talk more about how RVM is structured and how it can be extended as opposed to how to use it?