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I hope I can get into some serious debate and challenging conversations about what we do and how we build our systems. I've never been to Athens and I'd love to make some new friends too.

I'm the author of Clean Ruby

Making Sense of Making Code

Making just one quick change becomes a nightmare where you're bouncing through methods and classes in file after file.

Your biggest asset in writing software is understanding the business needs. But when those needs change, you're on a hunt for all of the related code and you're piecing it together in your head.

You find yourself thinking "how does this work!?"

Creating software is difficult. It's not just you that needs to understand it, it's the users, the business owners, and the other developer who needs to pick up where you left off (even if that's you a year later). Keeping your code free of distraction means staying focused on what really matters. Business rules change over time.

No matter what you build, you're code is a user interface for your business.

Together we'll talk about object-oriented programming and techniques to make sense of the stakeholders mental models of our business. We'll explore staying focused on objects and the roles they play. We'll be modeling with DCI and seeing how this affects your thinking by keeping the right things together and distractions away. Most of all we'll explore a new way of approaching application architecture with laser focus on how we perceive what it does.

Walk away with a better way to communicate through code and the ability to make a clear picture of your business software.

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  • 9287985f53b36866bb3c639a6aedc867?d=retro John Pagonis suggested 8 months ago

    :-) so I guess we will get to see concrete examples of DCI within web or other apps?