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What we learned from growing our top 50 open source project

Since we started our open source project 1,5 years ago it became really popular. More than 10.000 organizations trust us with a critical piece of their infrastructure and we have very active community. However we also constantly experience growing pains and have to figure out how to deal with this in our bootstrapped startup. We want to share our stories with the Euruko attendees.

We learned a lot about the following things:

  • How an open source project in ruby is useful for people working in other languages helps to introduce people to ruby and make their first contributions
  • Why and how you should release each month on the same date
  • How to deal with security disclosures by having a responsible disclosure policy and giving acknowledgements.

We're still figuring out the subjects below but want to share what we found out so far:

  • How to make money to work on our project fulltime: first donations, then professional services, and now an enterprise edition.
  • How to manage user contributions (issues, code, requests) with clear contributing guidelines, a feature forum and an experienced community manager.
  • How to keep the quality of the code high

If there are things you want to hear about please let us know.

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