Srushti Ambekallu
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Let's hear it for Adhearsion

Have you ever tried to do a telephony-related application? Were you afraid it was too difficult to build one? Adhearsion makes it easy.

This talk will deal with all the stages of building an Adhearsion project including:

  • Getting started/Creating a new project

  • Structuring your code, particularly the controllers & models.

  • Advise on not using ActiveRecord in the Adhearsion project itself.

  • Unit testing, and making the code testable.

  • End-to-end functional testing using another telephony application.

  • Deploying to production and scaling it horizontally.

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  • Profile_image?user_id=16393781&size=bigger Stephan suggested 8 months ago

    It's a cool piece of software, but (as a regular Euruko attendee & occasional speaker) I have to agree with Javier: Two times is probably enough. (A lighting talk or live example would be nice though.)

  • 64daf88568a1db6a39dc9e6657e3e095?d=retro Javier Ramírez suggested 8 months ago

    Having attended to two eurukos talk about adhearsion (2009 and 2011) I can't really say I am keen on listening to yet another talk about the product. It's quite cool, but the quota has been exceeded IMHO

  • B6a2b6133da626e83d24f7890ff2faea?d=retro Panayotis Matsinopoulos suggested 8 months ago

    I absolutely want to attend this presentation, because I was one of them afraid it were too difficult to build such an application. Many pluses and looking forward to it. I believe it will save me a lot of time.