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My name is Christopher Bertels. I work on languages & compilers for fun and at work. I created and work on a new general purpose programming language called Fancy in my spare time and have been using Ruby for the past 5-6 years, both professionally and for fun.


Handling trees with Ruby

Have you ever been interested in dealing with (syntax) trees in Ruby?

This talk will be about Forest, a new (syntax) tree handling library for Ruby that I've been working on at work. I've been working on a source-to-source compiler (compiling from a subset of C to Java/Ruby/C#/Whatever) and ended up working on this library while doing so.

I'll talk about how to deal with arbitrary syntax trees, node visiting strategies for generating arbitrary output based on a tree, symbol lookup strategies (what type does this variable have and where is it defined?), how to deal with static type systems, tree-rewriting for optimization passes in compilers and much more. And the best part about this: It's all in Ruby! And it should be pretty easy to understand, even if you have no experience with parsers and compilers so far.

This talk is going to be a bit technical but I promise you'll learn something new. A decent understanding of Ruby will be required, but I promise to keep it as simple as possible.

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