Darío Javier Cravero
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Crafting your own cave: deployments made easy with Mina.

Want to know how to craft your deployment's environment and fully understand and be in control of what's going on every step?

Dead simple.

Follow me on this talk and we will leverage Mina's power: a bloody fast deployer with many integrations and a ridiculously simple plugin system to suit your needs.

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  • The proposal author responded 8 months ago

    @Nikos, it's a bit of both, it's about what makes it different to Capistrano or regular bash scripts and why you should care but more importantly it's about how you can design and grow your deployment strategy to suit your needs.

  • D87dddeb300217e6c6574f5ffae220be?d=retro Nikos Dimitrakopoulos suggested 8 months ago

    Is the topic of this talk going to be only a presentation of how Mina works or is it going to include stuff like how it's designed, how it compares to capistrano and other similar tools, etc?