Andrey Deryabin
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Rove – efortless Vagrant provisioning

Vagrant is a great tool to build development environments. It hits the bull's eye by the support of provisioning. Provisioners make your setup idempotent. However they also make you suffer – hanging out with Chef is easier said then done. There's a solution though.

Rove ( is designed to solve the issue. The service allows you to generate provisioning config in one click using visual setup. Rove is the open-source project written in Ruby. But there's something behind what you see: the DSL. We've made Rove as extensible as possible. During this talk I will describe internals of the service to explain how to host its copy internally with your own set of packages and what benefits you are going to get with that.

I will also share with you the Roadmap of the project including some nice hidden yet niches that we are after ;)

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