Gautam Rege's profile

Gautam is the co-founder of Josh Software - one of India's premiere Ruby companies. He is also the author of "Ruby and MongoDB Web development" and is currently authoring "Using Mongoid".

For the past 6 years, all he and his company do is eat, sleep and breathe Ruby. When is not organizing Ruby events locally (RubyConf India, Pune Rails Meetup, Pune Startups ) and not coding on some project or on some open-source idea, he loves to give 'gyaan' on entrepreneurship and life, universe and everything!

He has earlier presented at Lone Star Ruby Conf, Red Dot Ruby Conf, RubyConf India and talks at a host of other meetups. He writes about his research on the Josh Software Blog and his twitter handle is @gautamrege

Proposals Gautam Rege is involved with

Gautam Rege is not involved with anybody else's proposals.